Academic Jobs Board helps further and higher education institutions quickly find and hire educators.

Share open roles with a curated talent pool of 13000+ qualified lecturers, teachers and subject matter experts.


  • ‘Quick Post’ jobs in under two minutes
  • Promote jobs to alert the most suitable candidates
  • Collaborate with colleagues on shortlists, job offers and talent pools
Post jobs

Create a tailored educator onboarding process

Select the talent you need from a curated talent pool of experienced teachers and subject matter experts.


  • Message qualified candidates directly
  • Communicate with candidates, share documents, offer contracts
  • Create custom talent pools to easily rehire the same experts

Outsource payroll to Academic Jobs Board

Get bespoke support from our higher education experts to enhance the pipeline of applicants.

Our support team will work to your job specification, or provide assistance to define candidate requirements.


  • Flexible recruitment support where you most need it for niche hires
  • Our team can pre-screen, shortlist and interview candidates
  • A custom talent pool of candidates ready for you to hire

"Academic Jobs Board has made large recruiting cycles much more efficient. I have found some fantastic educators using Academic Jobs Board!"

Bianca R.


Who is Academic Jobs Board enterprise for?

Coordinators and managers

Provide hiring staff with an end-to-end solution that ensures recruitment and onboarding follow institution requirements.

Human resources department

Track and manage account access of coordinators and daily staff involved in recruitment.

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